Paige DePaepe
DKNY_Cover B.jpg

DKNY | Letter to Kari


Reviving memory through clothing.

Concept video tribute to DKNY. Writing, Storyboarding, Directing.


Copy & Art Direction: Paige DePaepe

Filming & Editing: Brad Bjornstad

New York B-Roll: Evan M. Norton

Model: Sarah DePaepe

For Kari Karr

This is the true story of a jacket, and a trip to New York.

Kari was a dear friend of mine; she was influential in my life in several ways, including her sense of fashion. She passed away from Cystic Fibrosis in the fall of 2015. This black leather jacket belonged to her — I think of her every time I wear it. This is what made me realize the power that a piece of clothing can have in building identity and connecting people. She loved DKNY and I will always associate that brand with her, so I think it is a fitting tribute. 



Original Shot List/Art Direction